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  • Cooke 86.1%
  • Ahlberg 86.2%
  • Kipling 81.2%
  • Jeffers 89.6%
  • Milligan 89.6%
  • Rowling 95.3%
  • Morpurgo 94%
  • Shakespeare 94.5%

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Week beginning 6.3.23

This week our story is Katie's Picture Show. In the story, Katie visits the National Gallery and has lots of adventures climbing into the paintings.

The Umbrellas

In this painting, Katie plays with the little girl and the hoop. We learned how to bowl a hoop to each other. It is not as easy as it might look!


Katie accidentally throws the little girl's hoop into the painting, and, despite there being a rather fierce looking tiger, Katie climbs in to retrieve the hoop. The children have used the small world objects to make their own jungle scene.

Madame Moitessier

Katie likes the look of the lady in this painting and jumps in to have tea with her. After 4 cups of tea and some cake, Katie spills her tea and leaves muddy footprints on the carpet, so she decides it is time to leave. Some of the children decided to have a tea party in the role play area like Katie and Madame Moitessier.

Katie's Picture Show

Watch this video of James Mayhew, the author of the book, talkng about how he got the idea for his first book and then listen to him reading the story.


In maths this week we have been extending our knowledge of number. We made dice patterns for different numbers and then looked to see patterns within the dice pattern.

Look at the image below. How many can you see? What do you notice? Have a go at making representations like this for other numbers. How many representations can you make for each number?