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  • Bath 97.4%
  • Exeter 99.5%
  • Hertfordshire 97%
  • Kent 95.7%
  • Middlesex 96.4%
  • Oxford 100%
  • Plymouth 97.4%
  • Swansea 97.6%
  • York 97.1%

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Parent Voice 

It’s always good to hear your feedback at our school open days and coffee mornings; we discuss some great ideas which are extremely valuable to the school. However, we are aware that not all parents can take time during the day to come into school.

We value all ideas and thoughts about school life and know how important it is to work together to continue improving your child’s experience here. Therefore, we have an email address which gives you the  opportunity to share any ideas that you may have in support of our school. Although we won’t be able to respond to all emails, it is another way for you to communicate with the school.

If you would like to share your ideas and feedback, please email: