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WC 19/12/2022


The last few days before the Christmas break and having finished PE units last week, the whole school have been enjoying fun and games in their classes. 

After a rather exciting winter World Cup, our school winners Nursery and Reception Class representing Argentina, were presented with the Shenley World Cup and received their class treats!

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Thank you to a very generous person who sent the children a new basketball net for the front playground! It’s now been hung and put to good use.

This will be the final sports blog entry of 2022 I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the children and their families a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

To the sports committee thank you for your hard work and dedication this term! We look forward to continuing your responsibilities in the spring.

‘Shenley School, thank you for having me as part of your team! Keep shooting for your goals, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!’ - love Miss Burton December 2022

WC 12/12/2022


Unfortunately Year 6 were snowed off for their PE lesson this week but seems like the whole school made the most of the snow day and enjoyed lots of outside activities. 

Year 1 completed their jumping unit for the half term including a class competition. 

Year 3 completed their gymnastic routines using symmetry and asymmetry. 

Having finished their gymnastics unit with snow outside and lots of rehearsals happening in the hall Year 4 enjoyed some classroom PE this week. A mixture of table tennis, speed stacking and dance.

As the 2022 World Cup comes to the final game this weekend we have Nursery/Reception (Argentina) ready to take on Year 4 (France) to see who will lift the Shenley World Cup?

WC 5/12/2022


The World Cup design competition winners received their prizes this week, well done again to everyone that took part.

Ahead of England’s quarter-final match this weekend Shenley School wanted to wish the national team luck and tell the boys to bring football home!

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Year 2 competed against each other in a jumping competition to measure distance and speed. They had lots of fun measuring and timing their friends. To finish off the unit of work they enjoyed a jumping party!

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After fantastic final performances of their gymnastics routine Year 4 enjoyed getting the equipment out in PE.

Year 6 came to the end of their football unit with an exciting class tournament this week. They all showed their understanding of position and match management as well as an improvement on individual skills and enjoyment of the game.

WC 28.11.2022


Take a look at our World Cup Design Competition Winners! Well done to them and everyone that took part.
Nursery - Halle

Reception - Lenny

Year 1 - Kiera-May

Year 2 - Emily

Year 3 - Ruby

Year 4 - Dexter

Year 5 - Sonia

Year 6 - Oscar

It’s down to the final 16 in the World Cup, teams are beginning to be knocked out of the competition! The classes are getting more excited waiting to see who will win!

Year 2 put their combination jumping to the test this week. They took turns in measuring their jumps, hop and jump and hop, step and jump. They found out the more jumps they combined the greater distance they travelled. 

Year 4 started putting their jumps and roles into a routine. Next week they will compete in groups in a class gymnastics competition. 

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Still image for this video

Year 6 took on the role of football managers in PE. They set formations, positions and tactics for the teams before managing the game from the sidelines. 

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The girls from year 5 and 6 enjoyed an afternoon of football at Borehamwood 2000. They ran some drills thinking about teamwork and passing before playing a match.

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WC 21/11/2022


The World Cup kicked off at Shenley this week with the whole school being able to enjoy England’s opening game against Iran, and what a game it was! Come on England!

Take a look at a selection of our design competition entries across the year groups…

Nursery and Reception

The winners will be announced next week.


The games are inspiring lots of independent work around the school and at home this week, we love it.

Year 2 created jumping combinations today and had a small competition in partners to determine who could jump the furthest.

Year 4 continued using excellent gymnastics on a range of equipment this week.

Year 6 continued with their football learning outside the classroom. This week they used tactical thinking in attacking situations. 
Take a look at last weeks home learning, ‘What makes a good team?’

A team of year 6 were lucky to spend the morning at Arsenal’s training grounds for a mini tournament and literacy activities. All of them were also gifted the latest Jamie Johnson book!

WC 14/11/2022


This week brought the beginning of the World Cup 2022 celebrations to Shenley, with the sports committee holding their first whole school sports assembly. They shared some facts and figures before conducting our own World Cup draw. Each class picked a group at random that they will represent throughout the tournament!
Nursery and Reception - Group C

Year 1 - Group F

Year 2 - Group E

Year 3 - Group A

Year 4 - Group D

Year 5 - Group B

Year 6 - Group H

Teachers - Group G

Which class will win the Shenley School World Cup 2022 and a class treat? 

Although we’re all hoping our class teams may win the World Cup, we would all really love to see football coming home!

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All classes will be taking part in a World Cup design competition this week. Classes will design medals, trophies, balls, shirts and full kits. Look out for the designs coming in and we will pick our winners next week! 

The second tournament in this years sports calendar - table tennis! The year 6 girls represented Shenley brilliantly with some very close matches and finishing with a draw in the play offs. Well done girls!


Unfortunately there were not enough players for a team to be entered into the year 6 hockey tournament but hopefully there will be another opportunity later in the year.

Year 2 continued thinking about their jumping form before looking at different types of jumps. They created routines including different jumps with a partner, some of the jumps were performed in unison and some in canon. 

In gymnastics Year 3 have been looking at symmetry and asymmetry. They have created some amazing balances for both.

Year 4 got the equipment out to practice their routine jumps. They also had to think about being safe when using the equipment in gymnastics. 

Year 6 focused on the defensive aspect of football this week, thinking about their body shape and movement as a team to prevent the attacking team scoring and to regain possession. This led on to thinking about the transition between defence and attack during a game.


With the World Cup looming it sparked an exciting ‘who would be your dreamteam?’ discussion in class. There were some great lineups and some creative ones too… Who would make your squad?

The sports committee held a Speed Stacking club this week, it proved so popular that it was extended from 2 days to 4! Year 2 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are now looking forward to their tournament next week.

More free lunch clubs this week, dodgeball which was enjoyed by all of KS2 and ultimate frisbee

WC 7/11/2022


What a great start to the School Sports calendar. Children from Years 1, 3 and 5 represented the school brilliantly when they visited Hertswood for cross country on Monday. 
The children ran warm ups for their year groups, cheered each other on and put on some fantastic performances with a flurry of podium placements across all three year groups! Immensely proud of them all, well done!
Top results (overall tournament)

Year 1 - 2nd Stanley, 3rd Jack, 4th Kcasper, 5th Vinnie.

Year 3 - 2nd Daniel, 3rd Archie, 4th Jasper
Year 5 - 3rd Daisy D

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Dancing Stars started again this week across the school. Our theme this year is ‘Books’ take a look at what the classes have been up to, can you guess any of our stories yet?

Year 2 started their next unit of learning on jumping. They discussed how they used different parts of their body to help them jump effectively and apply these skills to games.

Year 4 continued with their gymnastics learning. They looked at creating their own sequence with a partner and then small groups. 

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This week Year 6 took on the role of the referee. They enforced the rules of football whilst the teams had to use different formations and apply different tactics they were given to help them win the match. 

The free lunch time clubs have been a real hit this week. Organised by the sports committee in order to get practice in for upcoming tournaments we had table tennis and hockey - more to come next week.

We were also very lucky to have Super Star Sport for archery and handball for year 3 and 5. Next week year 4 have dodgeball to look forward to.

The sports committee were hard at work again this week. The new netball posts for the back playground arrived and the team got them put together in no time. With lots more lunch clubs and events they have been promoting non stop! Practice for the first sports assembly has started too so be sure to check back next week to see how they get on!

WC 31/10/2022


Welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed the half term break! 

Year 1 jumped straight back into their new unit of PE. Jumping onto lily pads and over snakes! 

Year 2 finished off their learning on ‘dodging’ with a very exciting dodgeball tournament! The afternoon got even more exciting when teams tied in first and second place and third and forth! There was only one way to finish it… quick fire finals! All teams did amazingly well. Next week year 2 will begin their unit of work on jumping.

Year 4 are working on gymnastics with the sports partnership. They explored different movements and put them into a sequence. 

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Coach Rory will be joining Year 5 for a unit of Gaelic football this half term. This week they looked at the basics of the four step rule and hand passing. 
There was some great feedback on the session from the class and they’re looking forward to next weeks lesson.

Football is the topic for year 6 and to say they were excited was an understatement there were boots and shin pads everywhere! Once out on the pitch they showed off their dribbling, passing and ability to maintain possession of the ball.

With their new badges proudly displayed our sports committee got straight to work this week. We had our first sports meeting and the team had some brilliant ideas - watch this space to see them all over the half term!
They designed posters and promoted the upcoming Cross Country event for Years 1, 3 and 5. After our goal nets were sadly vandalised the replacements arrived and the team wasted no time getting them rehung ready for everyone to enjoy! 

All children in Year 1 through to Year 6 have received a Diary of a Whimpy Kid’ activity sheet from Jazzy Media! 

Shenley School have been awarded GOLD sports game mark again! Let’s keep up the amazing work and engagement with sports, well done everyone!

WC 17/10/2022


Our sports event calendar kicks off after half term starting with Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 cross country! Full details have been sent out from the office. Be sure to give consent for your child on Arbour.


A big ‘Thank You’ from EYFS this week! Someone has very kindly brought new basketball nets from the Amazon wish list. After watching the older children in their netball lessons Nursery and Reception were very excited to have a go for themselves - not even the rain could deter them! 

After completing their PE unit on running Year 1 showed off what they could remember about jumping ready for their next unit. They have worked so hard this half term and I’m sure we will see this continue.

After finishing their netball unit Year 3 enjoyed an afternoon of various sports - they chose football, netball and running games. They were all very engaged in their learning and enjoyed being active in the sun!

Year 5 enjoyed play leader training as part of our sports partnership programme this week. They had lots of fun learning and playing games they can take out onto the playground to deliver to the younger years in the school.

Year 6 have really been put through their paces this half term. They went back to the original assessments from 6 weeks ago to see if their health related fitness had improved. 

Congratulations to our newly appointed sports committee. They will be taking on the role of supporting and promoting sports and a active healthy lifestyle at Shenley School!

I’m so impressed with the efforts all classes have shown in their PE learning and hope they continue this next half term. 

WC 10/10/2022

Year 1 have crossed the finish line for their unit on ‘running’ this half term. What fantastic runners they have become. They applied their running knowledge to beat the teacher in a game and a race. They even had a go at creating their own running games to share. Well done year 1, great effort!

What an exciting finale to Year 3s netball unit, a class tournament. They showed off fantastic skill and understanding with the final scores only having a couple of points separating the teams! They finished the lesson with a little celebration because they had all done brilliantly, well done year 3.

Year 5 showed great sportsmanship throughout their class tournament to finish off their netball unit. Because games were so close they finished up with a penalty shoot out to decide the final podium places! Well done Year 5!

Another fitness circuit for Year 6 this week. This time they focused on strength. Next week they will be going back to where they started this half term to see if they’ve made any improvement compared to their original assessments. 

WC 03/10/2010


Year 1 put their running technique and teamwork into practice this week, running relay races and becoming bus drivers in a hurry to get all the passengers to their destinations as fast as they could! Back in the classroom the children labelled and coloured themselves showing off their best running technique.

Year 2 have been working in teams to consolidate their knowledge of how, where and why to dodge in game situations.

Year 3 brought together all of their learning for the half term - passing, moving, shooting and teamwork! On whiteboards they wrote down everything they remember learning the last few weeks and they really surprised themselves. They’re looking more than ready for their class tournament, come back next week to see how they get on!

Year 5 looked at alternative passes in netball this week including bounce passes and shoulder passes. We discussed the different reasons you would use them and the children were challenged to select the correct pass to use at different points in the match. 
Teams have been selected ready for next weeks Year 5 class tournament! Check back to see what happens!

Year 6 were put through another fitness circuit this week, this time they focused on flexibility. They found it less intense than the cardio work from last week. Next circuit - strength!

Through their home learning they showed a good understanding of the cardiovascular system and the affects it has on the body. Well done year 6 you’ve shown a fantastic effort and dedication to your learning in and outside the classroom. 

WC 26/09/2022


On your marks, get set, go! Year 1 put their running technique to the test by running as fast as they could in the context of racing. We thought about the best way to start a race - sitting down, laying on our bellies and facing the wrong way didn’t work very well, but being up on our toes ready to go really got us off to a great start!

Year 3 got in some shooting practice and were introduced flier netball. They spent the lesson brushing up their skills in preparation for a class tournament. 

Year 5 braved the rain to practice their shooting while focusing on BEEF (balance, eyes, elbows and follow through). We were introduced to stinger netball and after an exciting match we dried off inside and looked at netball positions in more detail. 

Year 6 really worked hard this week being put through a cardio circuit. They could really feel the affect it had on their cardiovascular system. We discussed this in more detail and demonstrated how the system works.

With the World Cup just around the corner we had some more treats delivered for KS2 - Panini stickers and activities with the change to win £2000 for our school plus a £50 Amazon vouchers for you and a football shirt! All entries should be brought back to Miss Burton to be sent off. Watch this space for more World Cup fun at Shenley!

WC 19/09/2022


Another busy week in PE at Shenley! Year 1 have been applying their running skills to lots of games, we’ve seen monsters, pirates, gorillas and been speeding around in race cars! All this running really got our hearts pumping.

Year 2 have been putting their dodging skills to the test in game situations. 

Year 3 continued working hard on their defending in netball and using these skills in games of flier netball.

Year 6 gave themselves a health related fitness assessment, they’ll be working hard this half term to build up their fitness and improve their scores and consolidate their knowledge of healthy lifestyles. 

More treats this week for KS2 - Pokémon cards and activities. 

Following Mrs Amos’s note on the Headteachers blog this week just a polite reminder…


Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school: a white school T-shirt, blue school shorts, indoor plimsolls, a pair of trainers and royal or navy blue tracksuit for outdoor PE. They will also need a light rain jacket for when we are outside. PE kit is part of our school uniform. Thank you.

WC 12/09/22

Year 1 picked up the pace in PE this week they’re perfecting their running technique and beginning to apply it to games.

Year 3 really focused on their footwork in their netball lessons and thought about the role of a defender. 

Year 5 took charge of their learning by taking turns to umpire a mini match during their PE lesson - they were very strict on the rules of netball!

Welcome back

WC 05/09/22

Welcome back to the new school year! It’s been great to see the children so excited to be back after summer.

In PE year 4 and 6 dived straight back into their swimming lessons and we’ve kicked off with Year 1, 3 and 5 in school.


Year 1 had lots of fun showing off their running skills being sure to look and move forward, pump their arms and land properly on their feet!

Year 3 and 5 have been brushing up their netball skills. They perfected their chest passes and began thinking about their footwork. 

All children from year 1-6 were very excited to bring home a pack of Match Attax this week, be sure to scan the QR code and take part in the short survey to be in with a chance of winning a £2,500 equipment voucher for our school. 

Just a reminder all children should have their Shenley PE kit in school for their lessons.

Our Queen Rest In Peace…

"Sport has a wonderful way of bringing together people and nations."


"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II