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Week Beginning 15th May 2023 - Week 5

This week we have been finishing off our learning around the story 'Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion'. We practised using exclamation marks and writing sentences about how horrible the lion is. Then we drew a storyboard to show the key parts of the story. Next week we will be writing up the story in our own words. 


In DT this week we have been practising the skills we need to make a fruit salad, including peeling, chopping, cutting, slicing. We practised following a simple recipe and have designed our own fruit salads based on the fruits we liked and the way we wanted to prepare them. We also found out about where some of our food comes from and talked about if it was a from a plant or an animal. Next week we will be making our own fruit salad recipes. 


In Science we have been keeping a weather diary for our topic 'Seasonal Changes'. We will be comparing it to the weather diary we kept in the Winter to see how the weather differs at the end of Spring. 


At swimming this week some of our more confident swimmers ventured into the big pool for the first time! Well done for swimming laps in the big pool you were very brave! And well done to everyone in Year 1 this term for trying so hard in their swimming lessons and for being brave even if they were a bit apprehensive at first! I know we are going to have so many confident swimmers by the end of the year!