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  • Cooke 94.8%
  • Ahlberg 90.4%
  • Kipling 94.8%
  • Jeffers 92.4%
  • Milligan 94%
  • Rowling 94.2%
  • Morpurgo 92.3%
  • Shakespeare 95.8%

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Week beginning 27th September 2021

The children have been looking at decimal numbers, comparing them and ordering them. This has meant they have need to know their place values of the digits and then be able to make comparisons. Some the children were able to demonstrate their understanding using diagrams. 

In English the children have demonstrated their learning about creating atmosphere through varying sentence structure and using repetition by writing a sequel to Wolves in the Walls- Elephants in the Walls! 

In Science the children explored air resistance further and created a fair test to investigate if change one thing would affect the air resistance of the parachute. We had great fun dropping them off the climbing frame. It was a shame we picked such a windy day!

The children had a great time exploring Livin' on a Prayer further in music. we also compared it to Queen We will Rock You. The children identified what instruments they could hear.

Our dance instructor introduced the children to their new song which their dance routine will choreographed for. It's from a movie most of the children know- ask your child and see if they can tell you.