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Week beginning 15th November 2021

We have been very busy this week!  In maths we have been practising identifying numbers and checking on their order.   We have been using numberlines to count on and finding how many steps from a given number to the next number.  Also we have been identifying missing numbers from sequences of numbers. 

In English we have been enjoying sharing a range of different recipes from our text 'Gruffalo crumble'. We have been practising linking our ideas in a sentence using 'and'.  We are now checking our sentences to make sure they have a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end!  We have looked at some very muddled sentences and learnt to find the mistakes and correct them.  We went out around the wild area to collect ingredients that a 'Gruffalo' might like to eat and put them on a plate!  Back in the classroom we have drawn our own meal for a Gruffalo and labelled the ingredients!  

In history we have been learning about going to the seaside back in the past within living memory and further back to Victorian times.  The children have loved learning about this and been really fascinated!  

Our Children in Need day has been fantastic and they all loved dressing up in their very creative outfits.  There were some delicious biscuits created and we all enjoyed those at the end of the day.  Blake biscuit was voted as the winning one by the class!  Well done Blake!  

We are now starting to learn the songs for our Christmas play which will be on in the next few weeks for your entertainment!  More information to follow!  

Next week we will be writing our own recipes for the Gruffalo and reading our writing out to others.  In maths we will be representing amounts in different ways to show equivalencies and using a wide variety of apparatus.  

On Wednesday we are having a 'no pens' day, which the children always enjoy and find very engaging.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone!  

Mrs Scanzi and Mrs Warren