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Week beginning 14/03/22 Science Week

This week is a very exciting week in school because it is SCIENCE WEEK!


The children started the week with their very own scientific exploration when they noticed the sun shining through the window and through the coloured plastic in the blocks they were building with. As the sun shone through the plastic, it changed the colour of what was behind it. We put a piece of paper on the floor and explored the different colours we could make.

The theme of British Science week this year is 'Growth' so we have been learning about all sorts of different ways of growing this week.


On Monday we planted some cress seeds. The children decided that the seeds would need water and sunshine to grow so we put them by the window. Some of the children thought that it woud be best if the seeds were left alone so they wrote notices to say 'please do not touch'.

We had a look at a collection of objects. We talked about which of the objects come from trees and which don't and we had a go at sorting them.

We wanted to find out where plants grow, so we went on a hunt to see if we could find some. What is the most unusual place you have found plants growing?

We planted strawberry seeds. I wonder how long we will have to wait before we have some delicious strawberries to eat?

We talked about how much the children have grown up since they were babies. Some of the children brought baby photos in and we stuck them around the room so that the children could have a go at guessing who the babies were. They found it very hard!

We talked about some of the changes since we were a baby. One thing we noticed was how much bigger everyone had got. We decided to measure ourselves to find out how tall we are now.

On Friday we were set the challenge of building a model that was strong. We looked at the bricks in the wall to see how they were positioned. The children tried out lots of ways to make their models stronger.