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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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Year 2 Reading and Phonics


Your spelling words for this week are adding the endings –ing, –ed, –er, –est and –y to words ending in –e. The rule is that the –e at the end of the root word is dropped before –ing, –ed, –er, –est, –y or any other suffix beginning with a vowel letter is added.


For example: copy .......copier, copied, copying


  1. hiking
  2. hiked
  3. nicer
  4. nicest
  5. shiny
  6. icy
  7. iced
  8. icing
  9. coming 






Vocabulary: What is a curse?
I: What is the witch thinking of when she threatens Rapunzel with a curse?

Vocabulary: Why do you think Bethan Woollvin has used the word ‘cackled’? Why not ‘laughed’ or ’giggled’?

Explain: How does Bethan Wollvin make the witch seem scary on these pages?

Predict: Do you think Rapunzel will escape? How?




Summarise: What does Rapunzel do after the witch leaves?

Retrieve: Complete this sentence: The witch threatens Rapunzel. but...

Retrieve: How does Rapunzel escape?

Predict: Do you think the witch will find out that Rapunzel has escaped?

Predict: Predict what Rapunzel will do if she reaches the bottom of the tower.




Explain: Why do you think the text is set out like this on page 11?

Retrieve: What do you notice about the book Rapunzel is reading?

Vocabulary: What does ‘defeat’ mean?

Predict: Predict how Rapunzel will defeat the witch.

Explain: Tell a partner about the setting on these pages.

Explain: How does Bethan Woollvin show the passage of time across these pages?





Infer: Are there any clues on these pages about what Rapunzel might be planning?

Vocabulary: How is the adverb ‘secretly’ similar to the adverb ‘quietly’? How is it different?

Retrieve: Who is Rapunzel’s new friend?

Retrieve: How is Rapunzel’s new friend helping?




Writing opportunity: Imagine you are Rapunzel and write a diary about escaping from the tower for the first time.