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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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Book : The Finger Eater by Dick King-Smith

Day 1 Chapter 2

Today, we are going to be reading Chapter 2.

First of all , read the story up to page 26 and look carefully at the pictures.

Answer these questions orally ( you don't need to write the answers down).

What has happened so far in this chapter?

What have we learned about Gudrun?

Read the rest of the chapter out loud to someone.

Here is an example of how you could describe Gudrun, making reference to evidence in the text:


I think that Gudron is thoughtful because it says in the text, ' Gudron thought deeply'. This means that she is thinking long and hard about something. Thoughtful can also mean that you are kind, but in this context, it means that Gudron thinks carefully about these things.

Day 2 Chapter 3

L.I.:To predict what might happen, making reference to the text.

Read this chapter only up to page 43.

Some of you might find some of the things that happen in these pages a bit shocking and/or upsetting.

Read the story out loud and make Gudron sound brave and bold. Make Ulf sound sneaky and dangerous. 

On page 43, Ulf is thinking about what trick he could play on Gudron.

What do you think he might do?

Write your prediction on English Day 2 Sheet 1.

Pretend that you are Ulf and write what you are thinking at this point ,on English Day 2 Sheet 2 

Here is an example of what you could write. Please include conjunctions to join and extend sentences. ( The conjunctions are in bold.):


Example:This child is a smart cookie but not as clever as me! I know how to get my razor-sharp teeth on those chubby little fingers. Miss Smarty Pants will be so surprised when I perform my devious trick. It is quite simple. I will pretend that I am thirsty and she will feel sorry for me. She will pass me the flask of milk and I will knock it out of her hand without hesitation. As soon as her hand is empty, I will clamp my jagged jaws around her pinkie finger. Hey presto! Her finger will disappear before she can even shout for help. The expression on her face will be priceless! I am the craftiest troll in the land!

Day 3 Chapter 3

L.I.: To read a text with convincing expressiveness.


Read the story from page 44 to page 46 out loud, making Gudrun sound brave and bold, while making Ulf sound sneaky and dangerous.

Answer these questions on English Day 3 Sheet 1.




Day 3 Chapter 4

L.I. : To predict what might happen nextmaking reference to the text.


Read page 47 to page 50.

What do you think Gudrun's plan might be ? 

How will she convince Ulf that it is her real hand ?

What might happens when Ulf bites into the antler?

Write the answers to these questions on English Day 3 Sheet 2

Day 4 Chapter 4

L.I.: To understand idioms as a form of figurative language and what they mean.


Read page 51 to page 56 aloud.

Look at this sentence: ' You bit off more than you can chew.' 

What does Gudrun mean when she said this?

Have you heard this phrase before?

Who have you heard use it?

In what context did they use it?


Sometimes people use this phrase when they are overwhlemed by something.

This is kind of phrase is called an 'idiom' . 

Idioms allow the writer or speaker to express themselves by using words that are not directly related to the thing they are trying to describe.


Spot the idiom in this sentence from Chapter 1:

'What can't be cured must be endured, ' they would say, and since they considered it was no use crying over spilt, milk, they wasted no tears over lost fingers but got on with their lives with only seven.'

Underline  your answer on English Day 4 Sheet 1.

Other idioms to think about :

' Hold your horses'.

'Pull your socks up.'

'Cat got your tongue'.



Page 51to page 56

Day 5 Chapter 5

L.I. : To recall and elaborate on events in texts.

Read Chapter 5 aloud. 

Look at the picture of the boy on page 57.

Imagine that he is on holiday visiting his aunt, and that he has gone for a little stroll when he encounters Ulf. Imagine how strange he found his encounter wirh Ulf the Finger Eater!

You are going to pretend that you are the boy telling your aunt what happened.

Write your recount  of what he might have told her on English Day 5 Sheet 1. 

Here is an example of what he might have said and you can use it to give you ideas.

I had just the most unusual experience. I was strolling through the woods when a frog-faced, bat-eared troll leapt out from a hole. He rushed towards me with a broad smile on his froggy face. He held out a stubby hand and said 'How do you do?'. At least I think that is what he said. It was hard to hear because he didn't have any teeth! I didn't want to appear rude so I offered to shake his hand. Can you guess what he did next? He crammed my hand into hid soft little mouth and sucked as hard as he could on my index finger.It was so incredibly ticklish that I laughed out loud. The strange creature seemed angry and stomped off back to his hole.

Chapter 5

Handwriting Practice 

These sheets will help you to practise spelling the High Frequency Words and your handwriting at the same time.