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  • Bath 97.8%
  • Exeter 89.6%
  • Hertfordshire 99.3%
  • Kent 95.1%
  • Middlesex 98.8%
  • Plymouth 96.1%
  • Swansea 95.9%
  • Ulster 97.5%
  • York 98.2%

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Monday slides: Definitions of words.

PDF Monday slides

Tuesday: To gather evidence from a text

PDF of Tuesday Slides.

Extract of Odd and the Frost Giant to read and find evidence. Use a pen to highlight the parts in the book or use the highlight tool on the computer to mark on the computer version.

Action/ Behaviour Chart

Wednesday: To create a character description.

Thursday slides: To use suffixes in my writing.

PDF of Thursday's Slides

Extract of the book.

Friday Slides: To use suffixes in your writing.

PDF of Friday Slides

This Is the full copy of the book as a PDF.