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As we are a mixed class, please see a hyper link immediately below that will direct you to the writing learning for Year 2 children. Below that, you will find the writing learning for Year 1 children.


The Year 2 text is Rapunzel.

The Year 1 text is Farmer Duck.

Please click on the link below to access the Year 2 Writing Tasks
Year 1 Writing: Farmer Duck

Our Year 1 text is called 'Farmer Duck'. Have you read the story before?

Below are some writing tasks linked to the book. You will also see a powerpoint and video link to listen or read the story. Our learning this week will focus on reading the story; orally retelling the story using a story map and describing some of the characters.


Lesson 1 - LI: To sequnce the story of Farmer Duck.

Lesson 2 - LI: To map a story in chronological order (Farmer Duck).

Lesson 3 - LI: To orally retell the story of Farmer Duck using some familiar language.

During lesson 3, I would like you to use your story map to retell the story of Farmer Duck to somebody at home. You can use the above word bank to help you too. If you would like to record yourself reading the story, I would love to hear it, so please send your video or audio recordings in!

Lesson 4 - LI: To retell the story of Farmer Duck using puppets.