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  • Cooke 61.5%
  • Ahlberg 73.1%
  • Kipling 77.8%
  • Jeffers 91.6%
  • Milligan 80%
  • Rowling 93.3%
  • Morpurgo 92.3%
  • Shakespeare 94.2%

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This week's story starter takes us on a futuristic trip to the year 3000! It gives you the opportunity to be as creative as possible when completing a story about a luxurious air hotel! Allow your imagination to run away with you and think about all of the things your air hotel might have. I am looking forward to this after how creative you were with your robots a few weeks ago. As ever, when writing the final piece it might help to write over 2 days to allow for detail to be added. I have included some information on how to use inverted commas (or speech marks) which may help with the third session of this unit. Have fun and get creative!

Inverted commas support