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  • Cooke 78.4%
  • Ahlberg 87.8%
  • Kipling 84.2%
  • Jeffers 91.3%
  • Milligan 85.3%
  • Rowling 85.7%
  • Morpurgo 84%
  • Shakespeare 79%

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I shall surf in my box
on the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic,
then wash ashore on a yellow beach
the colour of the sun.

Read the last verse of the poem. Close your eyes and imagine you are on the beach. What sounds do you hear? Have a go at making a rainstick instrument to recreate those sounds.

You will need:

a sturdy cardboard tube




elastic bands


pipe cleaners



  • Paint the cardboard tube and let it dry.
  • Cut 2 circles from the paper. You can crumple it to make it look worn and cut some fringe around the outside of the circle.
  • Attach one circle of paper to an end of the cardboard tube using an elastic band.
  • Place a few twisted pipe cleaners and some rice into the cardboard tube.
  • When you are happy with the sound of the rainstick, attach the other circle of paper to the open end of the cardboard tube.
  • Tie some different coloured pieces of wool around each end of the rainstick to decorate.


Create your own music with your rainstick.