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  • Cooke 93.7%
  • Ahlberg 87.7%
  • Kipling 91.7%
  • Jeffers 91.9%
  • Milligan 86.4%
  • Rowling 91.1%
  • Morpurgo 95.5%
  • Shakespeare 96.4%

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Wider Curriculum

LI: To use a variety of materials, e.g. sponges, fruit, blocks;


Key Words: 

stamping, unrealistic, repeated image, pattern, iconic.


This week we will start to look at our Art Topic. We are going to be learning about Andy Warhol. Warhol used handmade rubber stamps to create repeated patterns and symbols in his commercial work and in a few of his paintings. The images on his rubber stamps included natural forms like birds, butterflies, fruit, stars, and flowers.


Task 1:

Have a look at some of the pictures below and write a sentence about which one is your favourite.

Task 2:


Can you use a potato, an old sponge or a piece of fruit and sculpt something into it. Then paint the top of the object and print with it. Have a look at my example below. 


  1. What is a pattern? How many times do you have to repeat an image for it to be considered a pattern? Test your hypothesis by using stamps or cut paper. Discuss the number of repeats and the placement in different pattern examples.
  2. List objects that have natural patterns.
  3. List objects that designers decorate with patterns.