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Wider Curriculum

Music - LI: To learn about different musical families.

This term we are learning about 'The Orchestra' in our music lessons.


An 'Orchestra' is a group of instruments that play together. Above, I have uploaded a Powerpoint about the different musical families that make up an orchestra. Before you look through this, how many musical instruments can you name? Do you play a musical instrument? If yes, I would love to know which one.


Now read through the Powerpoint and have a go at the first activity colour coding the different instruments into their correct families.


I have added an extra challenge:


Can you have a go at the 'Name my Muiscal Family' quiz? Let's see what you have remembered!

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Go The Distance (From "Hercules" / Visualiser)

Why not listen to 'Go The Distance' from the Disney movie 'Hercules' by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Can you hear some of the musical families you have learnt about? You might be able to name some individual instruments too. I would love to hear what you thought!