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Wider Curriculum

I am so impressed with the start you all made with your animal projects. I have seen some excellent drawings and you have collected and written about where your chosen animal lives/its habitat. Well done!


This week we are going to learn about what animals eat. You are then going to find out about your chosen animal and write about what its diet consists of.


Now you have learnt about what animals eat, I would like you to think about your chosen animal that your project is based on.  Can you find out what your animals diet is like? What does it like to eat? Is it a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore? Write a paragraph to describe what you have found out. You can add pictures tool.


Extra challenge: You could sort the animals below if you want to learn/find out about what other animals eat.

You can recreate this on paper if you do not wish to print the sorting activity. You could draw the Venn diagram and write the animal names in, or draw pictures of the animals. I know how much you like drawing Middlesex class!