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Wider curriculum

Over the next few weeks, Swansea class have been given Mexico, as their class country! Each week we will focus in on a different subject area to learn something new about the country. You will also be set a new learning challenge. 

This week’s wider curriculum is ‘Art’ and as you know Mexico is famous for many things including some of the wonders of the world! Can you remember from our learning last year – which wonders are found in Mexico? The Mayans were one of the many famous civilisations that began in Mexico!


Take a look at the information below to learn some facts about the Mayans!


Art Task


I would like you to put your creativity to the test and create your own Mayan mural. You can use which ever type of art style you wish. You could draw, paint, build, collage, create or model! You might also want to do your own research and create an ‘idea board’ before you begin your masterpiece – here is  a website I found useful!


Please share your artwork with me via the class email!


     Frida Kahlo



     A famous Mexican artist was Frida Kahlo. Take a look at the slideshow below and see if you can produce some artwork in the style of Frida. 


     Take you time and send me some photos of your work and your written thoughts so I can post on our achievements blog.


Have fun and enjoy....