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  • Cooke 78.4%
  • Ahlberg 87.8%
  • Kipling 84.2%
  • Jeffers 91.3%
  • Milligan 85.3%
  • Rowling 85.7%
  • Morpurgo 84%
  • Shakespeare 79%

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Where The Wild Things Are

Read the story about the wild things and choose some of the activities to complete.

You could

  • Draw your own wild thing and write some words to describe it.
  • Print out some of the wild things from the documents below (or copy them by drawing them) and find different ways of sorting them into groups-for example wild things with horns/wild things with no horns.
  • Plan a healthy meal that might be waiting for Max when he gets back. You could ask a grown up if you could help them cook the meal for Max (and then you could eat it)
  • Create an obstacle course in your graden and have your own 'wild rumpus'.
  • Draw the island that the wild things live on. What is it like there?
  • Use junk modelling/Lego/other construction kits to make a house for a wild thing to live in.
  • Pretend to be one of the characters in the story and act it out. Who will you be? Would you change the story? Ask a grown up to help you write down what happens.
  • Create a model of a wild thing.
  • Talk about how Max is feeling. What does it feel like when you are feeling wild? How can you clam down when you are feeling wild?
  • make a mindfulness jar to help you calm down when you are feeling mad: put some water in a jar and add some glitter. Screw the top on tight. Shake the jar and watch the glitter swirl around and gradually settle. As the glitter settles so do your feelings.