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  • Hertfordshire 98.3%
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Continuing on our Gymnastics theme, I would like you to practise any form of roll into a balance. You may wish to do a front roll into a tuck balance. You may want to do an egg roll into a dish balance. I have attached the different types of rolls and balances below. Have a go at two or three and send me a video of your performance. 

Different Rolls

Jigsaw Lesson 2 – Dreams and Goals


How does it feel to set a goal and to achieve it?


Using the ladder template and working with an adult, identify the steps needed to take in order to achieve your challenge/goal, and write each of these onto the steps of the ladder.


Can you colour in the step/rung of the ladder which you think might be the most difficult?


Fill in Jigsaw Jo’s speech bubble; what advice would Jigsaw Jo give you to help you to persevere with the most difficult step?