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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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E-Safety Day - Tuesday 9th February

'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.'

Have a read of DigiDuck or click on the link to watch the video of the story. 


After you have watched DigiDuck, complete the Dear Wise Owl Activity where you can write an email to Wise Owl explaining what you have learned. You can either handwrite it, or you can type it as an email, screenshot and send it to me. There are some key words on the attached file.

Do I need permission?

Have a read of the following statements. Which ones do you need permission from an adult from? Which one's can you do by yourself? There are also some pictures of social media networks that you can verbally sort. 


  • To use a grown up’s phone without asking.
  • To watch videos on a tablet or computer.
  • To play online games with my friends.
  • To talk to people I do not know on my laptop.
  • To tell somebody on the internet my name or where I live.
  • To send a photograph of myself to somebody I do not know.
  • To use social media whilst I am still at primary school.
  • To use my own tablet in my bedroom.



Things to Keep Safe

Have a think about what information you should keep safe when using the internet. 



  • Family Game - ALPHABET STORY - Make up a story with each word beginning with each letter of the alphabet (in the right order) e.g. 'Anne Brown Came Down Every Friday..etc' Share stories.
  • Can you complete a Yoga Session?
  • Lego Challenge – You have been hired by an amusement park to create a new rollercoaster. Can you build this?