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Wellbeing - Mental Health Week 

This week is Mental Health Week and the three themes we will be looking at are:

  • Kindness
  • Resilience 
  • Gratitude

Have a look below at some of the activities you can do at home.  


Remember that this Wednesday is 'Inside Out' Day where we will all be wearing our T-shirts inside out. The activities below have been designed to enable children to understand the meaning of Inside Out Day; how someone may feel differently on the inside to how they look on the outside and why kindness is so important.

LI: To learn what the word ‘gratitude’ means and discover different ways we can be thankful.


Have a watch of this video featuring Bow-Wowza dogs! Introducing the idea of gratitude and what it means to be thankful.

10 Second Gratitude Challenge

Questions you could discuss with your child afterwards...
What does gratitude mean? (thankfulness)
• Do you remember why Dexter D said gratitude is important?
• Do you remember what the dogs were grateful for?
• What sorts of things are you grateful for (including big, constant things like family,
nature etc, but also small daily things like a yummy lunch, someone being kind
• How can we show others our gratitude?
• Sometimes it isn’t a person that we are grateful for - how can we make sure we are
being grateful even if there isn’t a person to thank?


You could make a 'gratitude box' by getting a old shoebox/tissue box and decorate it how you like, then write/draw something you're grateful for and pop it inside the box. Repeat as often as you like. You could get your family to join in as well and on a Sunday open the box and share what's inside.  




You could create a 'gratitude tree'. Draw (could use real leaves) or use the template below to write things you are grateful for and stick or hang them on your gratitude tree. 

Kindness - Inside out day (Weds 3rd Feb) 

“Today we will be thinking about why kindness matters, what it means to be kind, what it feels like to be kind and what can happen when we are kind.”


How can you show kindness to others? Can you think of ways that don't always involve you talking? 
How do we feel when someone is kind to us?

How do we feel when we have done something kind for someone else

Often, we can tell when someone is upset or angry because they could crying, shouting, screaming or sulking. Sometimes, we can’t see how someone is feeling. What reasons might there be for this? Feelings such as embarassment, uncertainty and sometimes we can't always communicate how we are feeling. 

Sometimes how someone feels on the inside can be very different to how it looks on the outside. It is important to remember this and understand how the other person might be feeling which is called empathy. 



On the T-shirt worksheet, choose two feelings one for each side of the sheet. Write the feeling inside the top label. Draw what you think that feeling might look like. You can use shapes, colours, patterns and symbols. Remember, everyone feels differently so it doesn’t have to look the same as anyone else’s. Fill in the Care Label on the side of the t-shirt with things you can do to be kind.


Have you ever tried and failed at something? For example, skipping? When I first tried skipping I was no good!! I practised EVERY day when I was at primary school. Now I can skip and I am super quick at it. Perhaps in school you have found telling the time difficult? Or the 4 x table you haven't conquered yet? How did it feel when you couldn't do it? Do you give up? NO. You might stop that day but you come back to it because you know the more you keep trying, the easier it will get. 

Keep trying and bouncing back is being resilienct. It is SO important to be resilient in everything you do. If you can't do something the first time, it's important not to give up until you can do it. Even as adults we need resilience! 


Think about a time you found something challenging at first but eventually you eventually achieved it. How did you persevere? What did you do to achieve your goal? 
Draw a picture and tell me the steps you took or maybe tell me about a goal you are currently trying to achieve and how you are going to get there. 

Shakira - Try Everything

Be resilient - try and try try again.

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 22nd Jan

Remember its important to stay active! Try PE with Joe twice a week.

Taylor Swift - "Shake it off" Zumba Kids jr. Choreography

Try some zumba.. I had lots of fun doing this!