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Jigsaw - Dreams and goals

This week in our Jigsaw lesson we will be making sandwiches to help with our learning!  You could do this activity just before lunch or for afternoon tea!


L.I. To know that we learn in a range of ways by listening, seeing or doing. 


You will need:

4 sheets of paper (to act as stepping stones)


Sandwich fillings you and the family enjoy!


1. Set out the 4 pieces of paper in a line like stepping stones

2. Say that we are going to make a sandwich and the 4 pieces of paper are like stepping stones. 

3. Explain that a sandwich doesn't suddenly apperar - it has to be made!

4. Ask your child for the 4 steps needed to make the sandwich.  Get them to discuss this with you first.  When they have decided the order for the instructions step on each stone and follow their instructions (even if they are in the wrong order!)

Ask them what they have learnt?  Draw out that we mainly learn either by listening/seeing/doing and often in combination.  Talk about other things they have learnt in the past and how they learnt to do them.  


Above all, enjoy your sandwiches! You could try swapping over roles so they make the sandwiches another time!




For P.E. this week why not have a go at one of these sessions which offer a range of options including workouts, yoga, dance and healthy living.