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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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  • Bath 88.9%
  • Exeter 86.2%
  • Hertfordshire 90.7%
  • Kent 93.1%
  • Middlesex 92.6%
  • Plymouth 95.3%
  • Swansea 92.1%
  • Ulster 90.9%
  • York 95.9%

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  • Christmas break reflection - can you draw a picture or write about your favourite thing you did over Christmas? It may have been a game or a present you received, or even a walk you went on.


  • Jigsaw - our topic for this term is 'Changing Me'. Have a look at a photo of yourself from when you were a baby. What do you notice has changed? Draw a picture of yourself then and a picture of yourself now! I would love to see some of your baby pictures too. You could draw a picture of yourself now next to a photo of your as a baby. Or, you could share two pictures and describe what has changed! 
  • PE Task - this term our PE Topic is Gymnastics. At home (using the attached images) I would like you to see how many different body shapes you can perform. Can you take a photo of them and email them to me?