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  • Bath 98%
  • Exeter 95.7%
  • Hertfordshire 95.7%
  • Kent 93.7%
  • Middlesex 96.7%
  • Plymouth 95.2%
  • Swansea 94.7%
  • Ulster 97.8%
  • York 98.3%

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Physical Development

Find time each day to get some exercise.

Have a look at the website below and join in with an under the sea dance!

Lego Challenge

You have been hired by an amusement park to create a new ride!

Healthy Hugs

At this time when we have to remain 2 metres apart from our friends, how should we greet each other? Use the website below to learn about the non-verbal gestures we use to communicate and find a way to connect with your friends in a safe manner.