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  • Bath 82.8%
  • Exeter 92.9%
  • Hertfordshire 90.1%
  • Kent 99.1%
  • Middlesex 95.6%
  • Plymouth 97.1%
  • Swansea 94.5%
  • Ulster 97.2%
  • York 96.9%

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Physical Development

Find time each day to get some exercise. You could try…

  • Joe Wicks Workout
  • have a go at learning to skip with a rope-how many skips can you do? Practice every day and try and beat the number of skips you did the day before. How many skips can you do by the end of the week?

The Worrysaurus

Listen to the story 'The Worrysaurus'. Lots of people worry about things. What did the Worrysaurus do to feel better?


Go outside and chase some butterfly worries away.

Draw pictures of the things that make you feel happy.

Make your own tin of special things that make you feel better.

Lego Challenge

Build something with your eyes closed for 5 minutes!