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  • Bath 100%
  • Exeter 94.6%
  • Hertfordshire 99.6%
  • Kent 97.7%
  • Middlesex 97.6%
  • Plymouth 98.1%
  • Swansea 89.4%
  • Ulster 98.9%
  • York 96.4%

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Physical Development

Find time each day to get some exercise. You could try…

  • Joe Wicks Workout
  • building an obstacle course in your garden

Talk to a grown up about how your body feel after exercice. What do you notice?


Lego Challenge

Build a box with a lid. What shape is your box? Can you build a different shape?


Mrs Wilson's Wellbeing Challenge

Have a go at some activities Mrs Wilson has prepared for you. Have a look at the slideshow below: