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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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Week starting 26th of April 2021


All the class really enjoyed the return of the swimming class tis week and the atmosphere on the way there was great!




As you can see in the first two pictures, we learned about noun phrases and used them in the description of the picture.

In the third picture, we used a dictionary to find the meaning of some of the word and wrote sentences about them.

Next week, we will be writing a dairy entry about a trip along the Zambezi River, so as you can see in the fourth picture, we have been looking again at the features if a diary.


This week we continued our focus on Multiplication and Division , using beadstrings and  10 materials to help us.

We halved numbers up to 999 and some of us worked out how to halve numbers up to and including a million!


We always start a new topic with the children asking their own questions about what they want to find out about it.

We explored the meaning of 'prehistory' and about how there are no written records to help us understand that period.

We looked at the picture of the interior of a cave from the Paleolithic , which is the first of the three parts of the Stone Age and discussed what was visible there.

We started an exploration of information and pictures about Star Carr, which shows evidence of how people lived during the Mesolithic Period, which is the middle part of the Stone Age.

Next week, we will be learning about the Neolithic Period , which is the final part of the Stone Age.