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Week starting 19th of April 2021


This week we started work on a wonderfully exciting book called  'Atlas of Adventures' which is written by Lucy Letherland


Each double-page spread includes information and illistrations about differnt parts of the world. We looked at the continents and have our own'passports' which will be 'stamped' when we ' visit' the locations. It has been very exciting becuase we have been pretending to cisit these places and have been reading the information about them. This a a great cross-curricular book ,with overt links to Geography.

So far we have 'visited' Finland. London, Paris and on Friday we started oyr cisit to the Amazon Rainforest and this will be continued next week. 


This week we have continued our focus on Multiplication and Division .

We have been practising the three and four times tables so that we can use this knowledge to divide by two and three. We , as always, have enjoed sing the songs to help us to remember them.


Our ' Stone Age Wow day' was very exciting and great fun , and has created an enormous amount of interest in leanring about the history of the Stone Age. 

Our focus this week has been the Paleolithic Period, which is the first of  the three periods . 

Next week , you will see pictures of the work so far.