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Week beginning 7.12.2020

This week in Plymouth class, we have been up to some super fun and creative things!

In English, we introduced our new book called ‘The wolf in the snow’. Hopefully, the children have told you all about it. It is purely a picture book which is great as it means they are able to retell the story in their own words. We focused a lot on our reading VIPERS skills to start to ensure they understood the story. We then moved on to the children creating their own visual story map so they could retell the story through their eyes. We also looked at modal and imperative verbs because the children will be writing a narrative with instructions next week.


In maths we continued with our learning of integer and corresponding problems. Here is a little example (and challenge) if you want to have a go at completing one at home:
Mrs Irvin ate 7 chocolates but greedy Miss Cornwell ate 8 times more than Mrs Irvin. How many more chocolates did Miss Cornwell eat than Mrs Irvin?

In forest school the children were creating art work based around our book in English. I shall upload some photos so you can see. They used lots of natural items to help them create their pictures and they look fantastic!


Española – we have started Spanish this week! The children LOVED it. At the moment we are recapping the common phrases such as ‘hello,goodbye, what is your name? My name is…, etc’. I have attached a link to a great website on the useful links page so please have a look to practise at home.


Buddy has been up to his usual tricks but he returned the angel! They were seen making snow angels outside the classroom. We just need it to snow so we can all create snow angels! On Thursday, he also remembered his swimming shorts so the mischievous elf came to the swimming pool with us. Although I made sure, he was kept in my bag so he could not cause any trouble! 


We have been learning our Christmas song ready to be recorded next week. Final week next week for this year 2020. I can’t believe how quick it has gone! A big thank you for the kind birthday wishes this week, I was overwhelmed by the children’s kindness and lovely comments.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week! J