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Week Beginning - 4th January 2021

Welcome to the Spring term Nursery!


I am so sad that we are unable to start the term together at school, however for the next few weeks I will be setting some fun learning activities online. 


Each week please try to complete:


  • One Wellbeing activity 
  • One Writing or Drawing activity 
  • One Maths Challenge 
  • One Science and/or Wider Curriculum activity
  • Try to read a story everyday - even if it is the same story everyday for a week! 


We understand that it is impossible to replicate school style learning at home and appreciate any efforts you make to help your child to learn at home. I have also added lots of addition activities if you would like more to do but please don't feel under pressure to complete everything. 


Remember that in Early Years, we have a play-based curriculum and when your child is playing, they are learning! Every conversation you have with you child develops their speech and language skills, every time you ask them to tidy up or be kind to their brother or sister, they are developing their personal, social and emotional skills, every squiggle on a piece of paper is them developing their writing, everyday is packed with learning opportunities! 


We wish you all the best and hope you are all safe and well. 


Love Miss Gallagher and Mrs Gellman



Please send me any pictures of learning or fun activities you are doing at home to: Each week, with your permission, I will upload these pictures to our webpage so you can see what all your friends are up to at home!