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Week beginning 26.4.2021

In English this week, we went to visit the incredible Amazon Rainforest! The children focused on precise adjectives and noun phrases to write information about the wonderful rainforest. I am hoping they have shared with you some of the super facts they have discovered. We also travelled to Mexico to learn about Monarch butterflies where we discovered when and why they migrate certain times of the year.


In maths, we have focused on corresponding problems. These are word problems with multiple steps. For example: Miss Cornwell went bungee jumping. When she was at the bottom of her jump, the bungee rope had stretched to four times the length it was before she had jumped. The length at the bottom of her jump was 36m.

What was the length of her rope before he jumped?

How long in metres, had the rope stretched out?

Please feel free to have a go at solving this problem or for your child to explain the process to solve it.   


In Design and technology, it is has been very exciting as our learning is focused around pizzas! We researched how pizzas are made, where the ingredients are from (fresh ingredients), pizza companies, the shapes, favourite toppings, and the packaging involved. This will lead on to the planning and designing of when the children will work in groups to create their own pizza. WE have also started building our own volcanoes to link in with our geography learning. A big thank you for the boxes, bottles and newspapers!


Swimming started back! I think from the swimming’s feedback and comments they loved being back in the water again. It was really lovely to see them back in the pool and enjoying themselves.


It is a bank holiday so I will see you all Tuesday next week... please have fun  and stay safe :)