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Week beginning 2-11-2020

This week we have been busy counting random arrangements of objects and showing amounts in different ways in maths.  Also we have been practising identifying one more and one less than given numbers.  At the maths challenge table we have been choosing our own practical apparatus and recording addition and subtraction number sentences independently.  

In English we have had a look at the recipe for a 'Fox sandwich' from the book 'Gruffalo Crumble' and writing some instructions for the Gruffalo about how to make it!  

We have enjoyed learning about the origins of Bonfire night and learning the rhyme 'Remember remember the 5th of November.....'.

Next week we ill be starting to practise for our class assembly.  Please practise singing the song 'London's burning' at home!   

In maths we will be matching values to mathematical models and numerals and comparing amounts finding 'more' and 'fewer'. 

In English we will be identifying missing nouns and verbs from familiar sentences.  We will be writing the complete sentences with the correct punctuation.  

Next week we also have a special 'Remembrance Day' assembly on Wednesday led by Reverend Daniel.  

On Friday we are supporting Children in Need as well as having a focus on kindness and finding ways to be kind to each other as it is 'World Kindness Day'. 

We look forward to another exciting week and we look forward to talking to you at parent consultations on Wednesday and Thursday. 


Take care everyone. 


Mrs Scanzi and Mrs Warren