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  • Cooke 87.2
  • Ahlberg 84.7
  • Kipling 90.6
  • Jeffers 86.9
  • Milligan 93.3
  • Rowling 95.8
  • Morpurgo 92.0
  • Shakespeare 93.8

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Week beginning 19.4.2021

In English this week,  we visited various festivals around the world! The festivals were: The International balloon festival, Holi Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Rio Carnival, Lantern Festival and Feria Del Caballo. We focused on using preposition to express the place. For example: The cherry blossom festival takes place in spring every year, and people of all ages enjoy walking beneath the beautiful canopy.

In pairs, the children then went on  to write a radio broadcast about one of these festivals informing their listeners all about the festival – what they see, smell and hear! I have to say, all of the radio broadcasts were amazing! They worked so hard to use descriptive language, prepositions and persuasive language to tempt their audience. A really big well done! 


In maths, we have focused on reactivating our learning on division. We have been familiarising ourselves with the mathematical language quotient dividend and divisor. Hopefully, the children we share with you their definition. We have also focused on short division method and how to find remainders when dividing 3 and 4 digit numbers.


In geography, the children were learning about tectonic plates and how they move in different ways. We looked at their movements known as: convergent, divergent and transform. In partners, the children pretended they were the plates to understand how these tectonic plates move.

We had a class discussion about whether they would like to live near a volcano and their reasons why/why not. Overall, most of the class chose to live near a volcano because of mining for gold, saving on heating and the incredible wildlife.

Thank you for the boxes, plastic bottles and newspaper I have received. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!