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Week beginning 04/05/2020

Dear everyone,

We hope you are all doing fine and enjoying our weekly lesson ideas.  Thank you to everyone for joining in and sending in lots of your home learning for us to share.  Remember there are lots of fantastic lessons and ideas as well on BBC Bitesize daily lessons with lots of amazing teachers from David Attenborough to Professor Brian Cox!  These lessons are great if you have children at home from a range of ages because they go from Year 1 up to Year 10!

As we are having a focus on plants this week have a look in the Science section for a bit of a surprise visit down to the New Forest! My son Marcus works for the Forestry Commission so he is joining us to help us learn about forests and woodlands!

We look forward to sharing what you do this week, please keep sending in the photos!

Take care everyone!

Mrs Scanzi, Mrs Warren, Mrs Norman and Mrs Selwyn.