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Week 6- 9th December 2019

This week has been a busy week in Oxford class with lots of learning taking place. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to go on a visit to St Martin's church where Reverend Daniel helped us to make Christingles. We learned that the orange represents the world, the ribbon is the love of Jesus and the cocktail sticks are the four seasons. We put sweets on our Christingles to represent the fruits of the earth. We had a great morning and found out a lot. 


During History this week, we have been  continuing our learning on how the development of the railways has changed life in Britain. This week we learned about the first underground trains, compared steam locomotives to the trains of today and even designed our own, futuristic train carriages which we loved doing. 


In Maths on Friday, we were learning about factors. We made 'factor bugs' using lolly sticks and pipe cleaners to show all of the factors of a number. This was great fun and really got us working systematically to ensure that we had found all of the factors.