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Week 6 - 14th October 2019

Year 6 have had a great week this week!


On Wednesday, we went to the Natural History Museum. We took part in an interactive workshop which focused on our recent science topics of: Evolution and Classification. During the workshop we encountered a giant squid, 3D photos of different organisms and a classification task. 

After the workshop, it was our chance to explore the museum and all the incredible galleries. First stop… Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We travelled through the centre of the Earth to reach the gallery. We were able to read lots of information to deepen our knowledge about Volcanoes and the Ring of Fire. We popped into the local supermarket, where we were struck by an earthquake! The shelves broke, the floor shook, and the walls began to crack. Our favourite gallery was the Mammals and Underwater creatures. The giant blue whale was incredible alongside dolphins and Narwhals. Some of us, learnt how to speak like a whale!


We were also really lucky to visit the moon exhibit. There was a large moon in a very dark room with calming music. We sat underneath and had some relaxation time.

In computing, we looked at personal information. We made word clouds to show what personal information means to us. This ranged from – full name to where we go to school. We discussed the importance of not sharing this information and why it can be dangerous.



Next week

  • It is the last week of term!
  • We will be consolidating our history and science topics.
  • Finishing creating and publishing our own Explorer Manuals

Home Learning

  • Mathletics has been set.
  • Keep practicing timestables on Timestables Rockstars.
  • A short SPAG test (handed out on Friday 18th October – due Thursday 24th)