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Week 6 - 12th October 2020

This week in maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction using columnar method. We have been looking at number sentences where not information was given (numbers were missing). The children would then decide what method to use to find the sum. For example : 

 ?  - 374 = 1104. The children knew they had to use the inverse; to add 374 + 1104 to find the missing amount. We were also focusing on missing digits and the children were working out which digits could make the calculation correct. For an example please look at the slideshow as it won't allow me to put into the text.


In English, we have been including adverbs and prepositions in our sentences to make them more detailed. The children produced a ‘Wanted’ poster about the dark to coincide with our story ‘The King who banned the dark’.


In Science, we were investigating the use of switches and how they work in a simple series circuit. Wow! What fun we had on Wednesday afternoon. I provided the children with paper clips, tin foil, split pins, cardboard and the circuit equipment and allowed to create their switches. It was a very fun afternoon! The children worked really well as a group and learnt that switches are important as they stop the flow of electricity and allow us to do so safely. Also, that switches are important as they help save electricity and money. Hopefully, they may now remember to turn switches off around the house!


In geography, we have been continuing our learning about rivers. We focused this week on the journey of a river and terminology used to describe its journey. The children learnt about the different sources of a river, the mouth, a confluence, tributaries and meanders (they loved that word!). We went on to look about the journey of the Nile and how it started and where is ended up (the children thought it started in Egypt but soon realised that’s where it ends!). We also went on to look at Aswan Dam which was built in Egypt in 1970 to help maintain a water supply and if the River Nile floods. We had a little quiz afterwards, which they all really enjoyed.


It was a very exciting day on Thursday as it was “Election Day” for school parliament. Plymouth class had some fantastic candidates who took campaigning very seriously! Candidates delivered a great speech to their classmates and we then voted. I discussed with the children about democracy and how voting is a fair way to choose who they wanted to represent our class views.
I just wanted to add how proud I was of all 3 candidates and particularly how they reacted afterwards when they did not get the role.

Just a little reminder about homework. I do remind the children to read at home, to practise times tables and to complete Mathletics, which is set on Fridays. There is an optional homework linked to our Ancient Egyptians topic, which is set on another tab. If you are not sure, please do ask as I am happy to help.


Have a fab weekend everyone! laugh