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Week 5 - 7th October 2019

Week 5 photos of work


This week we have been estimating the order of 3-digit numbers ,estimating the number magnitude and rounding numbers to nearest ten and hundred.

 (see pictures 1 and 2)




We looked again at the success criteria for writing instructions . Each child chose their own subject to write instructions for. 

They also wrote a letter to a family member or friend , telling them what they were learning about Black History Month and what surprised them most .

(see pictures 3 and 4)



We continued our focus on the UK by looking at the characteristics and some special places in Wales and Northern Ireland.



As part of our work on Black history month , the children looked at the work of some black artists and copied some of their work, 

(see picture 5)






Next week


Measures - Comparison , Estimation and Magnitude.

We will be developing understanding of appropriate scales and reading scales.


We will be continuing our work on writing our instructions for ' How to train your dragon'. Also, we will be improving  the way we write descriptions by using more adjectives , adverbs and noun phrases.



We will be finishing off our Geography block by examining the physical features of the UK.