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Week 5 - 5th October 2020

This week was a very exciting week as Plymouth class had their first African drum lesson! They were fantastic! Miss Bradford was very impressed with their rhythm and listening skills. They had silly little sentences to help them learn different beats such as ‘bring me the lemonade’ and ‘eat the cake now’. I have some photos below of them playing.

In English, we have started our new story ‘The king who banned the dark’. We had a huge discussion about our thought about the dark. The children worked in pairs pretending to be the king and explaining their view on why the dark should be banned. Later in the week, the children went on to writing their persuasive speeches to convince me about their view… yes, the dark should be banned or no, it shouldn’t! I enjoyed reading them and some of their reasons. Particularly, if we did not have the dark, then they’d have no bed time!

In spelling with have focussed on the suffixes –ness, -less, -ful, -tion and –ation. These suffixes are being incorporated into their spellings.

In maths, we have moved on to formal addition and subtraction method where the children are using column method to solve numbers sentences. We will be focusing on 4 digit numbers and how to exchange the hundreds to thousands where needed. We have also been focusing on their fluency for their times tables.

We have started geography this week which all about rivers. We will be focusing on the River Nile to link in with our Ancient Egyptians topic. We started this week by looking at the journey of a river and the children were shocked to discover that rivers lead into the sea and not the other way round.

In science, we had an investigation going on about the brightness of the lightbulbs in a circuit when you have one battery but add more lightbulbs. Hopefully, the children explained what happened and why lightbulbs become dimmer as they added more.