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Week 4 - 30th September 2019

Pictures 1, 2 and 3

On Tuesday morning, the class of Plymouth walked down to Shenley Park and learned the art of apple juicing. The children were so well behaved and had an absolute blast tasting and juicing the apples. 


Picture 4

A great result for the weekly spelling test. All children have tried really hard this week to learn the spelling rule "Y as a vowel" and we ask you for your continued support at home!


Pictures 5, 6 and 7

The 3rd of October was National Poetry Day. Linking to this terms topic, we asked the children to write a poem about dragons. They were so inspired by Mrs Maloney's My Pet Dragon poem, that they were buzzing with ideas. Here are some amazing example of their poems.  


Next week

I have allocated some times tables on TTRockstars for the children to work on at home. Please ensure that your child has a go at this and let me know if there are any problems or questions about this. 

In literacy we will be finishing off our persuasion text by looking at and using persuasive language. In geography, we will be diving into the physical features of the UK.

Picture 1 Cutting the apples
Picture 2 Grinding the apples in the mill
Picture 3 Juicing the apples in the presser
Picture 4 Spelling test
Picture 5 National poetry day
Picture 6 National poetry day
Picture 7 National poetry day