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Week 4 - 30th September 2019

We had a very exciting time on Friday learning about the process of making apple juice from apples. It was at Shenley Park and we all enjoyed the experience , especially drinking the delicious fruit. of our labours


This week we have been finding 100 more or less than a given number. Also, we have been counting on and back in ones, tens and hundreds. 

We have been practising the three times tables and they have sheets to practise them at home.



We have worked at building vocabulary about dragons and finding explanations for the new vocabulary in dictionaries. Also, we have used expanded noun phrases to improve descriptions. We explored and discussed success criteria for writing instructions.

We wrote about our trip to Shenley Park and described the process of making apple juice from the apples.



We have been learning about the UK and this week focused on England and Scotland. We learned about the culture and some of the places of interest.


Next week


We will be estimating the order of 3-digit numbers and estimating number magnitude.



We will be revisiting the success criteria for writing instructions , looking at examples of instructions and planning to write ' How to train your dragon'. 



Our focus on the UK will continue and we will be exploring the characteristics of Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Picture 2 Milling the sliced and cored apples..jpg
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