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Week 4 - 30th September 2019

Tuesday 8th October 1pm-3pm: We will be walking to Shenley Park to take part in apple juicing. If any parents would like to help on our trip please let Mrs Davis or Mrs Wilson know.


Reading books: Please make sure you read with your child daily and sign their reading record book. Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Literacy-sequencing pictures from the story 'Superworm'

We have been reading the story 'Superworm'. The children know the story really well now and have been sticking pictures from the story in the correct sequence to make their own little book.

Maths-counting and recognising numerals

Superworm was forced to look for treasure in the soil. The children have enjoyed looking at the treasure in a treasure chest. They have counted the objects and found the numeral to match the amount.

Encouraging writing...

Children in Reception are being encouraged to write. If they want to keep a model they have made, they may leave it on display with a label to say who made it or what it is. Some children have been really enjoying making potions and are being encouraged to write their ingredients in a list.


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