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  • Ahlberg 84.7
  • Kipling 90.6
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Week 4 - 28th September 2020

In maths this week, the children worked really hard using mental strategies for adding. We started the week by looking at estimating where numbers would be placed on number-line by using the benchmarked numbers already given. For example, a number-line that started at 1 and ended at 400. The children knew the halfway benchmark would be 200 because half of 400 = 200. It's a great way for children to use their number facts knowledge. 
We then moved onto looking at mental strategies for adding. The calculation
87 + 7, you could take the 3 ones from the 7 and add them to the 87 to make the sum 90 + 4 because it is easier to mentally add tens. This may sound a little confusing to read but hopefully your child will be able to explain or please do come and ask me. 


In English, the children edited and shared their adventures stories. We then moved onto focusing on grammar and sentence construction. The children spent a lot of time correcting my silly mistakes! We also recapped apostrophes and how they are used for contractions and to show ownership. Any practising at home would be beneficial as sometimes the children are adding them into their writing when they are not needed. 


History was a great this week as the children learnt all about the pyramids and the inventions the Egyptians created. Some of the children were not very appreciative of the Egyptians for discovering the number system! As history has come to end for this half term, the children were able to create their Ancient Egyptian Quiz which they shared with their classmates on Friday afternoon. 


In Science, it was very exciting as the children were given the opportunity to construct a simple circuit. We discussed the name and symbol for the equipment and I allowed them to work as a group to construct a simple circuit. We had some very interesting circuits but they all managed to construct a circuit by the end of the lesson. Hopefully they have shared with you that a circuit needs to be complete in order for the electricity to flow.