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Week 4- 27th January 2020

This week we have been focusing on resilience and have been thinking of ways that we can become more resilient with our learning and in other areas of our lives. On Wednesday we focused on the future and wrote our dreams and goals on the petals of flowers. This is now up on a display in our classrooms so that we can look at them and remind ourselves of our dreams and goals for the future. On Thursday we looked at 'helpful' and 'unhelpful' thinking and tried to think of changes we could make in order to be more positive and confident when trying things that we find a bit tricky. We have made a list of top tips for being resilient that is also up in our classroom. 


In maths, we have continued our work on fractions by comparing and ordering them. The main learning that we took from this week was that the bigger the number on the bottom of a fraction, the more pieces the whole has been split into and therefore the smaller the pieces. We all decided we would rather have 1/2 a bar of chocolate than 1/12 of the same bar! Our times tables have also had a real push this half term and we are doing regular activities to help us with quick and sound recall of these facts.