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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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Week 4 - 25th November 2019


Mental Fluency -Subtraction

Step 4: Subtracting ones from 2-digit numbers with regrouping

Times Tables : 4X and 3X


They explored the features of persuasive texts and discussed their purpose.

They had a lively discussion on ' Dogs make better pets than cats.' ,with strong opinions expressed on both sides of the argument. They wrote arguments ' For' and 'Against' the statement .Then , they wrote a persuasive letter to someone , outlining their arguments for their opinion and using persuasive word and phrases to increase the impact.

On Friday , they discussed what 'homophones, mean and focused on ' their, there and they're'. They then wrote sentences to illustrate their meaning.




Next week 

Maths :

Mental Fluency: Subtraction

Step 5:Subtracting multiples of ten from 3-digit numbers with regrouping.



Book:Electrical Wizard - How Nikola Tesla lit up the world

They will be hearing and reading more about Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

They will be discovering the features of diary entries  (Recounts) and will then write one from the perspective of Nikola Tesla. 



They will be starting the next RE Block: Christmas around the world.


As you can see from the photos, we discovered more about shadows and how the position of the light source (the torch) affected the direction and length of the shadows.