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  • Cooke 78.4%
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  • Kipling 84.2%
  • Jeffers 91.3%
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Week 4 - 23rd to 26th November 2020

If you ask any of the children in the class what they enjoyed most this week, they will undoubtedly say it was No Pens Wednesday. 

Instead of Maths for Morning Work, they all chose a book and read it.

Afterwards, they told each other about their stories and what they liked most about them.
Then we had our usual dance session with Hayley and we enjoyed it as much as ever.
We had lots of ' No Pens' lessons but our favourite was PSHE which involved using drama to act out scenarios about brave and unwise actions.  We worked in four groups to portray one or the other and then asked each other questions about what had happened. Please ask us about this.
This week in English , we have been exploring news and newspaper reports.
We looked at a variety of newspaper reports and asked different questions anout them, to develop an undertanding of what journalists do.
Then ,we identified some of the features of newspaper-style reports .
After that, we looked at a fictional newspaper report and we numbered the features , in line with the features that we had already written.

In Maths this week, we have been focusing on Mental Subtraction.

Here is what we have been doing: 

Step 1: Subtraction is not commutative 

Step 2: Place value subtraction 

Step 3: Subtracting hundreds, tens and ones with no regrouping 

Step 4: Subtracting ones from 2-digit numbers with regrouping 

Step 5: Subtracting multiples of ten from 3-digit number with regrouping 

Next week , we will be reviewing Step 5 and then moving on to the next