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Week 4 - 16th March 2020

This week we have been reading the Little Princess story 'I Don't Want To Wash My Hands'. We have talked about when we need to wash our hands-after playing outside, after playing with pets, after coughing and sneezing, after going to the toilet and before eating. We have thought about how we should wash our hands with water and soap, rubbing the soap into all areas of our hands before rinsing it off and drying our hands thoroughly. We have practised washing our hands for the correct amount of time-whilst singing 'happy birthday' twice. We have sequenced pictures of how to wash your hands and we have written instructions. We are now all expert hand washers!
We have started an experiment to find out what lives on us. We touched bread with unwashed hands and sealed it in a plastic bag. We then washed our hands with water, touched another slice of bread and sealed it in another plastic bag. Then we washed our hands with soap and water, touched another slice of bread and sealed it in a plastic bag. We have been checking the bread every day to see what has happened and so far... nothing! I will keep checking it and post photographs when I see results.
With all this hand washing going on, the children wondered how it got rid of the germs. We did an experiment with pepper to represent the germs, in a dish of water. When we put our fingers in the water, the pepper germs stuck to our fingers. When we put soap on our fingers, all the pepper germs ran away. This was a fantastic way to help the children to see the importance of washing our hands with soap to get rid of the 'germs and nasties' as the Little Princess calls them!