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Week 3 - 9th March 2020

Another week full of fun and learning in Kent Class! This week the Year 2's went to the Gymnastics competition and one of our teams won! We are super excited to go through to the finals at the end of the month.



On Tuesday a strange picture blew on to Miss Grossman's car. We didn't know who this man was, but we tried to use clues from the picture to work out who he may be and what his hobbies are. We found out that he may like football, as there is a football in his house, but he is also an astronaut because he has lots of pictures of space and moons. 

We then practised our question marks by writing some questions to this mysterious man to find out who he may be. We started our questions with:

  • what
  • why
  • where
  • when
  • who




In Maths, Year 2 have been looking at statistics and different types of graphs. We explored pictograms, block graphs and tally charts. We interchanged how we used the graphs and also answered some questions based on what the graphs were showing. 

In Year 1, we have been looking at the word difference and finding out that this means subtraction or take away. If we were asked the question 'find the difference between 16 and 7' We would have to do the sum 16 - 7 to find the answer. We also looked at graphs to find the difference.



In Art this week, we designed our own planets. We thought about what colours we would make it, based on if it would be close or far away from the sun. Next week we will start to papier mache - so if you have any spare newspapers, please send them in! We also got to try 'marbling' and blowing the paint using straws.


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