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  • Cooke 61.5%
  • Ahlberg 73.1%
  • Kipling 77.8%
  • Jeffers 91.6%
  • Milligan 80%
  • Rowling 93.3%
  • Morpurgo 92.3%
  • Shakespeare 94.2%

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Week 3 - 26th April 2021


In English this week, we finished writing our diary entries, as if we were CJ, from the book 'Last Stop on Market Street'. We worked hard to make sure we included powerful verbs, conjunctions, similes and all the correct punctuation. Have a look below at some of our work!


We then went on to our new book 'How to Catch a Star' and thought about the mix of emotions the boy may feel as he goes through the story. We came up with loads. 



In Maths we have continued to look at halving, and this week focussed on halving multiples of 10. We used manipulatives to start and then started to draw them in our book. Miss Grossman gave us the challenge of being able to learn the answers off by heart! 



In Science this week, we thought about what plants need to grow and planted our seeds and bulbs in different conditions to see what will happen to them over the next three weeks! We made our predictions and thought about how we will make each test fair. 



In Geography, we continued to look at the Arctic and Antarctica and learnt about the similarities and differences between the two! Ask us some questions at home and see if we can tell you the answers.