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Week 3 - 20th January 2020

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During the third week, Plymouth class were acting out scenes from our key text in English 'Wars and Peas which they have really enjoyed. The story links in with our learning about fables. I wonder if they could tell you the moral behind the story? 

The children worked in pairs and took on the roles as the Greedy king and the poor Lion King. Then later went on to writing direct speech about the characters  remembering the 5 rules needed to punctuate direct speech correctly. 


In the History the children loved learning about the undefeated ruler 'Alexander the Great' and how he went from building an army of 10,000 to over 100,000. They were particular enthused by the mystery around his death. They all created a fact file about the powerful ruler and his army. I'm sure they will fill you with all the facts they have learnt about him. 


Linking their History with art, the children designed a Greek pot using Greek patterns and they went on to create a Greek pot using clay. Using utensils, the children patiently created a Greek pattern onto their pot or jug. Next week they shall be paining them.